Domestic & International Shipping


Shipping wine can be complicated, expensive, and dangerous for the property being shipped. As enthusiasts, we know how a simple mistake can result in disaster and how per-case shipping fees can get expensive without proper relationships.

MWC’s logistics specialists have years of experience shipping domestic and international shipments at competitive rates. We are a certified wine shipper with FedEx and UPS and maintain many relationships with trustworthy temperature-controlled carriers across the country. We also have experience working with importers/exporters to move wines around the world. 

Cross Country Consolidations


As avid wine enthusiasts, we appreciate sourcing wine from far-away places. We also know that safely transporting all of your purchases to their final destination can be an expensive hassle. For these reasons, we offer a temperature-controlled consolidation program. Clients participating in our program have their purchases collected, consolidated at a central facility and then palletized along with the wine of other MWC clients. The consolidated shipment is then transported via a trusted temperature-controlled carrier directly to our storage facility in New Jersey. Our “west-coast consol” rates are a fraction of the cost of expedited wine shipping services offered by the leading common-carriers, and the wine never has to be removed from its original container. 

Cellar Relocations


If you are moving and need to relocate your entire wine cellar in one temperature-controlled shipment, we can help you or your moving company.  MWC has assisted clients in moving their collections all over the United States, including to Hawaii. Clients who use MWC to handle their cellar relocations can expect white-glove service from our professionals and transportation partners from the “packing to racking” phases of the job.

Cellar Management


Keeping your home cellar organized is an ongoing endeavor. If your home cellar is no longer looking its best, we can help you get organized and keep it that way with a web-based inventory management system.  

Independent Condition Evaluation & Appraisals


Since 2006, MWC has assisted clients and insurance carriers in appraising and evaluating wine collections that have been damaged by unfortunate circumstances.  Our trained professionals are experienced in completing detailed on-site bottle condition evaluations, cellar rescues, and appraisals to ensure fast and accurate loss recovery.